Drew's Brews News February 2015 | Beer Blog

Drew's Brews News February 2015

Spring is in the Air! 

I am sure that most of you have heard by now that Elysian Brewing was recently acquired by Anheuser-Busch, a move that sent shock waves through out the local beer scene. Though acquisition is nothing new to A-B, it has been many years since they have made a move up here in Seattle. Beer fans are worried and scared of the unknown. There is speculation that A-B will use Elysian to try and force out smaller breweries from the market. The uncertainty is palpable. I for one, hope that A-B just tucks their Elysian card into their enormous portfolio of brands and lets them keep doing their thing. One good thing for all of you out of towners- you will soon be able to find Elysian Beer in all 50 states

Fact of the Month
Washington is the second most-productive hop growing region in the world and over 75% of Hops grown in the US come from Washington State.

New Beers On Tap
Bad Jimmy’s Brewing Co. – Irish Red
Fremont Brewing Co. – First Nail Imperial Stout, Triple Trifecta 3xIPA
Georgetown Brewing – Kiss Ass Blaster 3xIPA, Lisa's Chocolate Stout
Hale’s Ales Brewery –  Wheat Wine, English Porter
Outlander Brewing – Goats and Roses

Upcoming Beer Events

January 31st - The Washington Beer Commission hosts the 6th Annual Belgianfest featuring 80+ Belgian inspired beers from over 30 Washington Breweries. This event takes place on the waterfront in Downtown Seattle at the Bell Harbor Conference Center and features crazy Belgians, including sours, saisons, dubbels, and triples.