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We love beer. Our passion and pallet for a tasty brew developed over years of Husky football games, adventures to Seattle’s local breweries, and weekend excursions to cities around the Northwest all in search of the next best micro brews.  We’ve been to Chicago, New York, South Carolina, and Europe, but our taste buds always lead us back to the greatest breweries in the world. Our mission at Road Dog’s Seattle Brewery Tour is to show you what Northwest brewing scene has to offer, right here in Seattle, in an informative and fun way!

See you out on a tour!

Dustin Boast
Owner / Operator 
"Enjoy life...one great beer at a time."




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  • A+ Brewery Tour! All 3 breweries were great and Adam was very knowledgeable about the beers at each one.
    CarrieU228 - TripAdvisor

  • What an innovative way to see the city AND have about as much fun as you possibly can.
    DMcentarfer - TripAdvisor

  • I went on this tour for my buddies 30th birthday and it was fantastic. I love a great micro-brew and have been to many of the local seattle spots. Road Dog knows even more and drives!
    Josh A - TripAdvisor

  • If you like beer and a good time with fun people, then this tour is for you! The only problem with this tour is that we want to go again!
    DZ95 - TripAdvisor

  • I will go down in history as the Best Wife Ever. I bought a tour for my husband for his birthday and I'm not sure how I will top this gift.
    Rebecca R - TripAdvsior

  • Me, my brothers, and some of our friends do an annual football trip and last year was Seattle. When I heard about Road Dog's, I knew it would be a great addition. I went to TripAdvisor for a little research and found 100+ reviews and not one was negative. Done. Booked it and it did not disappoint
    J-DubleV - TripAdvisor